vision 2014
vision 2014

Upcoming Model Village "SRI SARADESHWARAM"
A serene abode for children

Land & Location
1.5 Acres of land has been received by our partner NGO Vathsalyam Trust, Hosur, as donation for the purpose of constructing simple homes for children. The land is situated near Sri. Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Cave temple in Denkanikottai, 30 Kms distance from Hosur Bus stand.

It is decided by trustees of both the trusts to develop a model village in the name of "Sri Saradeshwaram". Sri Saradeshwaram is planned not only to accommodate children but also to promote Hindu Culture and Traditions. This campus will consists of 20 simple homes to accommodate minimum of 100 children, a temple with a prayer hall, a common kitchen and dining, a primary school with a library, office and administrative buildings and guest quarters.

Role of DSVS Trust in the formation of
Sri Saradeshwaram

In the first phase, DSVS Trust has decided to construct 20 simple homes and donate the same to our partner NGO Vathsalyam Trust .

  • Each home will accommodate 5 children and 2 care takers.
  • Construction cost of each home: Rs. 2.5 Lakhs.

Highlights of the Scheme

Each home will be named as per the wish of the sponsors. A small write up on the person, whose name is given, will be put up inside the home. This gesture will facilitate the children to be aware of the good deeds of the sponsor.

Dr. Shyamala Swaminathan,
Managing Trustee,
D.Srinivasan Valambal Sri Vidya Trust
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4th Main Road Extn.,Kotturpuram,
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